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Empowering You


Law21 is dedicated to empowering our clients to succeed! With us, you get more than legal representation, you get Breakthrough Agents who are prepared to stand with you through the challenge. We are committed to getting the very best legal outcome for you!

How We Empower

'Breakthrough Agents' -  people committed to helping you triumph in adversity.


Law21 is a new kind of Law Firm for a changing world. We choose our clients. If we agree to work for you, we commit to standing with you to overcome your legal obstacles.  We are consistent, patient and professional. An integral part of our service is to work closely with you so you are empowered to make the right decisions with respect to your legal needs. 

Our specialities in representation include Human Rights, Privacy, Religious Institutions.


Our Legal Practices

Law21 is founded on 21 Core Values of care and commitment. We seek to provide quality service and we listen to our clients. We are committed to providing excellent, honest advice and are very proactive in our efforts to solve our client's needs.

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

- Nelson Mandela

Human Rights


“Privacy - like eating and breathing - is one of life's basic requirements.”

- Katherine Neville



“Two things inspire me to awe -- the starry heavens above and the moral universe within"

- Albert Einstein

Religious Institutions

Church Windows


“I really appreciated the professional way I was treated. I was well informed of my rights and I’m a satisfied client.”

ST (Human Rights Law)

“I highly recommend LAW21. Their lawyers are personable, thorough and have been dedicated to helping us find solutions. ”

MRTC Director (Privacy Law)

“We are really pleased with the commitment we were shown by the people at LAW21. We appreciated how Lisa communicated with us regularly and updated us on each step. We are very happy with the service we were provided... They really did fight for us beyond the bounds of duty!”

CK (Employment Law)

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