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“There are no secrets on the Internet”

You are entitled to have your privacy protected. The Privacy Act 1993 gives you the right to obtain your own personal information from other people and agencies who have collected and stored your information and to make sure it is kept confidential.

You have the right to stop and prevent your information from being used against you. If your private information has already been used against you then it may be defamation. In cases of defamation you are entitled to go to court to seek a remedy to repair the harm caused to you, your family and your business.

Because privacy is an essential right which allows us to function confidently in our daily lives, having a say over who knows your private information is a basic right. However, it may be harder than you think to protect this information and it can be intimidating challenging big businesses, government agencies, or old employees or employers. That’s when you need good advice and support.

If you think your privacy has been violated or you have experienced defamation, we at LAW21 would like to help you.